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How does life come back to life? And do I need a coach?

For most questions and decisions, good friends or your partner will help you. Where you can’t get any further or a view from the outside would be advantageous, talking to a coach is a good opportunity.

The term “coach” comes from sport. A former boxer as a soccer coach screamed at me about the muddy ash field in all weathers. At least that’s where coaching reaches its limits. Who wants to be roared at or directed during coaching? With a good coach you always have full control over your thoughts and the conversation! If this is not the case, you should stop every consultation, coaching or psychotherapy.

Does a question concern you for your everyday life or your job? Would you like to take a new direction and discover what talents you still have? And you simply can’t get any further on the usual paths?

I like to work with people who want to change something in their lives or give it a new direction! The next step is always the most important! How this could look like and how the next step can be taken courageously, I consider with you at eye level. Because you are an expert for your life!

A warm invitation to a talk! (German and English) Special offers:


Design Your Career – career choice

  • Career reorientation
  • executive coaching
  • Coaching Young Professionals

•       life questions
Offers for the life and training questions of young people and young adults.
Dr. Ludwig Möller
Coaching, Counseling, Supervision, Psychotherapy (HPG)
Lecturer at German and international universities for consulting, innovation and creativity learning and social work,
MSc. Integrative Therapy, Lecturer and Teaching Therapist European Academy for Psychosocial Health and Creativity Promotion EAG//FPI,
Membership Association of University Teachers for the Promotion of Counselling in Research and Teaching (VHBC).
Contact: 0173.2809900