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Social Cooking


Véronique Kouassi is not only a writer from the Ivory Coast, but also a passionate cook! For Eid this year, she started her social cooking: coming together and cooking, eating and celebrating together. She herself is a Christian, but she wanted to invite her Muslim acquaintances and friends to her feast. Especially since many of them live in asylum shelters and have no means of preparing Eid themselves.
At our cooperation partner Forum Vita e.V., the large kitchen experienced a happy crowd for Eid.

Moving Art – documenta fifteen Cultural City Project


For documenta fifteen, Moving School opens the pop-up space MOVING ART in the Königsgalerie Kassel.
Art lovers and artists will meet like-minded people here. International guests and the people of Kassel will meet in a diverse programme. As a teaching and learning format of the University of Kassel, planning and implementation are in the hands of students.
The Königsgalerie is making three empty spaces available. The former café will be furnished with furniture from the Kassel State Theatre.
Exhibitions, workshops, events, music and celebrations are part of the programme.

Courage & Hope – documenta fifteen Cultural City Project


International Art Card project with students from the Braunschweig Art Academy.

We asked ourselves which artistic project takes up the challenges of the pandemic and gives a positive impulse. The Art Card Project takes up moods that are processed artistically. It brings people worldwide into contact with each other.

In the first step of the project, art students from Germany and international artists create postcards with visual and/or written answers, thoughts, suggestions for courage and hope. Each German artist invites two international artists to participate in the project.
The design is inspired by the following questions. Questions: What do courage and hope mean to you at this time? What gives you courage or hope now? How are they expressed in your life?

The creative media for the design are free. They will be put on the card in such a way that a print file can be created from them later. One postcard for courage and one for hope.

Exhibition of the postcards during documenta fifteen in our Moving Art project in an empty shop in the Königsgalerie, Friedrichsplatz Kassel.

Dr Ludwig Möller, Kassel
Jeanno Gaussi, Berlin, documenta 14 artist
Jan-Hendrik Pelz, Stuttgart

Photo: Johanna Mangold, Courage

Moving Art -Exhibition Anna Maria Fleischauer


During documenta fifteen, we worked with students to create an accompanying programme for three empty shops in the Königsgalerie. Exhibitions, workshops and events. The shop on the ground floor with 80 square metres was reserved for the weekly changing exhibitions.
Here Anna Maria Fleischauer from Hanover. She designs art postcards in her “bed studio”, as she says, and sends them all over Germany. Her severe lung disease has confined her to bed for many years.

Stadtschülerrat Kassel – Workshop Mental Health


The City  Council of School Students decided to offer mental health services in schools. Due to the pandemic, psycho-social problems have increased. The workshop dealt with ideas, contents and formats to create a concept for these health services.

Facilitator: Dr Ludwig Möller

Overlapping Kassel International Performance Festival


Before the start of documenta fifteen, the International Performance Festival was opened in Moving Art Galerie. The curators Prof. Qin Cai, Singapore and Dr. Ludwig Möller, Kassel had invited live artists to Kassel. During ten days, performances took place in the Moving Art Gallery and at various locations in the city. Performances took place in the Moving Art Gallery and at various locations in the city.
Photo: Performance Josef Ka, Finland

Counselling Methods – Alice Salomon University of Applied Science Berlin

Dr Ludwig Möller taught methods of counselling in the social work course at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin. Baoying Bilgeri, an animated filmmaker, familiarised the students with stop motion techniques and had them produce a promotional clip for counselling.

Sozo Vision In Motion Orientation Day

Deborah Smith-Wicke is the director of the vocational school for modern stage dance Sozo Vision in Motion in Kassel. She has a participatory management style that also involves the students in planning the courses. Dr Ludwig Möller has designed the annual Vision Day for content and pedagogical orientation.

FC Perspolis Teheran Professional Team Workshop

FC Perspolis is the biggest football club in Iran. Dr Ludwig Möller got in touch through the former national player Vahid Hashemian. He was invited to workshops with the professional team. It was about the contrast of the public and private life of the professionals and how to deal with this dichotomy.

Achtmal Alte Brüderkirche – Contemporary Art, Music and Literature

The Old Brethren Church is the oldest church in Kassel. It was the convent church of a Franciscan monastery where Kassel’s first university was founded in the 17th century. The church had been deconsecrated in the 1960s and was no longer in use.

Ludwig Möller developed the series Achtmal Alte Brüderkirche, which brought together modern music, contemporary art and language. It was intended to revive the church spiritually in a contemporary form. An artist responded to the music with a work of art, and readings of texts from the Bible and literature were related to both.

Culture Prize of the City of Kassel

Growth Center Universität Isfahan

The Growth Center of the University of Isfahan deals with issues of start-ups and business foundations. Dr Ludwig Möller was invited to present the Museum of a Lifetime by Pedro Reyes at documenta 13 in a workshop.

School for the Blind Isfahan

In Isfahan, Dr Ludwig Möller trained psychology students of University of Isfahan using a work of art by Pedro Reyes from documenta 13. The Museum of a Lifetime is well suited for biography work in a playful form. In the primary school for blind and visually impaired children, it was reconstructed with simple materials. The individual rooms of the museum were titled in Braille. The children could feel objects and then place them in the rooms as symbols for a life situation or a person.
Only afterwards did we read the sentence in the manual: Not suitable for the blind…
Team: Dr. Ludwig Möller, Shokufe Saidi

Training for School Teachers Seoul

At the invitation of Prof. Kim from Daejun University of Education, Dr Ludwig Möller offered a workshop for the staff of a secondary school in Seoul. The international college dealt with creative teaching methods that emphasise play and teamwork.

Institut of Psychology University of Isfahan

At the invitation of Prof. Kalantari, Dr Ludwig Möller works with the doctoral students of the Institute of Psychology. He presents Integrative Therapy by means of exercises. The seating in the seminar rooms is mostly screwed in towards the lecturers. The university theatre remains for freer movement.

Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam

Ludwig Möller presents in the Master’s programme Moving School, at Rietveld Sandberg Research. The programme works on the basis of critical pedagogy, critical creation and emancipatory research we give space to an environment that is open to different ways of producing and applying knowledge. We believe in emancipatory research that does not need to be endorsed by academic or civil society institutions, but works independently and across disciplines, driven by the needs of broad developments. We are no longer bound by canonical practices that dictate what is proper knowledge, but open to the possibilities of the unknown, to paths that have not yet been trodden and do not yet have a space for institutional representation.

Photo: Stud. Work, Necklace Cage for a Mouse

Nature Healing und Forest Therapy

In the summer semester of 2018, around 30 social welfare students from the University of Kassel took part in the Nature Healing and Forest Therapy seminar.
In cooperation with the forester of the Habichtswald Nature Park, they were introduced to the living system of the forest. Dr Ludwig Möller explored with the students the healing resources for social work and the self-care of professional helpers. The event ended with the fairy tale The Bremen Town Musicians and theatre with puppets made of natural materials.

Keynote 90. Anniversary Gwanju University Korea

Dr Ludwig Möller was invited to the 90th foundation day of the Gwanju National University of Education.
His lecture “Dangerous Journey. Moving towards creative Education” was based on the fairy tale The Bremen Town Musicians. Workshops with approx. 50 directors of kindergartens in the Gwanju region, teaching staff in Seoul and psychology students from Hannam University in Daejeon.

TEDx Kassel

In the summer semester, Moving School developed TEDx Kassel in cooperation with the Business Unit Entrepreneurship at the University of Kassel. Students from different departments took part in the seminar. They developed a programme and were responsible for the entire organisation including finding sponsors.
Team: Friederike Siebert

Where is Tommy? – State Theater Kassel

How do more young people get into the theatre? Finding answers to this question was the task that the Staatstheater Kassel entrusted to students from Moving School and the University of Kassel. After two semesters of research and idea collection, the production of the musical Tommy was chosen. Two ideas were to be connected with the musical. An outline figure with a mirror surface was carried by students through Kassel’s day and night life. Everyone who had their picture taken with her and made a posting of it was entered into a ticket raffle.
Following the first Tommy performance, an after-show party was organised for the first time in the courtyard of the Staatstheater.


Workshop for women in our Periptero Culture Kiosk during documenta 14.

For the AmazonenCamp he combines mental, everyday, handicraft, artistic, fashionable, moving, physical role plays and rituals. It is about finding and expanding one’s own female role. Femininities gather at the Amazon Camp, femininity is shown, learned and worked out.

The AmazonenCamp uses an unusual mixture of communication. It is a playful competition for the title of the best three Amazons. At the end of each day, we crown the three Amazons together on Mount Olympus at the Periptero – the culture kiosk.

We celebrate together with fashion and art at a barbecue and dance around the bonfire. The AmazonenCamp is a utopia! We form a temporary community under a cheese cover and see what ripens inside. The AmazonenCamp is a journey, an experiment and like a holiday!

Team: CHANG13, Dr. Ludwig Möller

With Animation to Success


Workshop for students of the University of Kassel.
Ideas need to be communicated, new products explained and companies need to be remembered by customers. It is no secret that an appealing visual language is essential for this on the internet today. The use of animated film is particularly effective! Complex constructions and processes can be presented well and products can be advertised accordingly. Companies or organisations that offer services can use animated films to present their products in a vivid, charming and humorous way. This also applies to self-employed people and those who want to become self-employed after graduation to convey their special service in a catchy way without many words. The animated film is the ideal means of producing appealing advertising at no cost.

Team: Bao Bilgeri WS 16/17


Workshop für Students of Universität Kassel

The making of wild ideas

Inventing games for living and learning/
Service Design Jam / 48 hours with a theme for a NGO or company.Big Bang.
Starting a universe /  Unspecific idea mining, linking and composing of findings, process design

Leitung: Dr. Ludwig Möller

Integration through Clowning – Communication through Body Language

Workshop in der Kunsthochschule Kassel mit dem international bekannten Clown Peter Shub. Eingeladen sind Studierende der Universität Kassel und Geflüchtete. Peter Shub arbeitet weitgehend ohne Sprache. Diese Art des Clowning als Ebene der Begegnung zwischen Geflüchteten ohne Deutschkenntnisse und Studierenden.

Peter Shub:„The clown is different from most of us, in that he/she is happy to be bad and not get things right. My aim is to help students develop a deeper connection to their own creativity and expansion of their own artistic appreciation, interests and pursuits.“ 

Leitung: Peter Shub, Dr. Ludwig Möller

Design Your Life – University of Kassel

Seminar for students at the University of Kassel.
Many students, even in higher semesters, often don’t know where they want to go with their studies. What are my goals in life? What do I do if I have chosen the wrong degree programme? How do I prepare for my future? Questions that are dealt with without taboos and with great appreciation.

Team: Dr. Ludwig Möller. Friederike Siebert 

Moving Art – documenta fifteen

Aquarellmalen mit ukrainischen Geflüchteten

Angebot von Olga Nadeyna, die schon länger in Kassel lebt. Sie ist Aquarellmalerin und spricht Ukrainisch und Deutsch. Ein Kurs für Kinder und Erwachsene in dem ehemaligen Cafe in der Königsgalerie Kassel. 
Ein studentisches Projekt zur documenta in Leerständen der Einkaufsgalerie am Friedrichsplatz.

Leitung: Olga Nadeyna

Social Catwalk Ruruhaus documenta fifteen

Präsentation der Ergebnisse von Upcycling Mode aus dem Moving School Atelier gemeinsam mit Nachwuchsdesigner*innen, Performer*innen und Künstler*innen. Catwalk im Ruruhaus der documenta fifteen.

Leitung: CHANG13, Köln

The Art of Changemaking – Cork Institute of Technology

Erasmus intensive seminar with Moving School, Knowmads Amsterdam and Cork Institute of Technology.
Two weeks seminar with students in Cork, Ireland on change making methods and scenarios.

Berlin Design Week 2022


Moving School offered a Late Night Studio online, workshops and coaching during the Berlin Design Week.
The Late Night Studio was streamed by ArtOrt from Kassel. A combination of talk with special guests, lectures and music performances and audience participation.

Sternwarte – City Development Kassel

Seminar for students of all faculties

The Quartier am Stern is located in Kassel at the end of Königstrasse. It is a multi-culti neighbourhood in the transition to the campus of the University of Kassel.
Students talk to residents and business people in the neighbourhood and work out proposals for the development of the neighbourhood.

Direction: Dr. Ludwig Möller, Axel Wild, Teslihan Ayalp

FC Perspolis Teheran Trainer Academy

Workshop by Invitation of the Trainer Academy Trainerakademie des FC Perspolis in Teheran. Around 60 men and women participated in this workshop about personal development. We worked individually and in small discussion groups around the “Five Columns of Identity” by Prof. Hilarion Petzold. A very useful tool to have an overview of the personal situation of a client.

Facilitator: Dr. Ludwig Möller

Vakalo College of Art and Design Athen – Excursion

For a cooperation with Vakalo College of Ar and Design in preparation for documenta 14. Athens’ Periptero we travelled with students from university of Kassel to visit students and teacher from Vakalo College. we worked on alternative concepts of the Periptero the kiosk which is so famous in Athens living quarters. In this joint project students created a number of prototypes as an Art and Event Space during documenta 14 in Kassel and Athens.
We visited the curatorial teams on both sides who envisioned a collaboration. We lost Vakalo College as a partner when curators changed their minds mirroring the pure hierarchical sytem of the exhibition.
Team: Dr. Ludwig Möller, Astrid Walsh (IRL), 

Project Idea for documenta 14

Two years before documenta 14, we started looking for an idea for an accompanying project with students from different departments at the Kunsthochschule Kassel and University of Kassel. A student with Greek roots brought the group to the ubiquitous kiosks in Athens – Periptero. They have a social function in their environment. How could this concept become fruitful in a converted Periptero for the documenta in Kassel and Athens? The students developed concepts and prototypes.
Team: Dr. Ludwig Möller, Friederike Siebert

AmuzaBag – Integration of Refugee Children


What can we do for the many people seeking refuge in Germany in 2014? The idea development seminar attracted many students from different departments at the University of Kassel. AmuzaBag was the new development of a bag for children, which was the focus of a joint workshop for German and migrant children. A longer process of design, material selection and production followed.
Filled with toys, it was distributed to the children at the beginning of the workshops. They could decorate their bag with different techniques. Games to get to know each other and eating cake together were part of the workshops. Bags found their way into stores in Kassel and worshops where held in schools and community centers. Students founded their own NGO called AMUZA.
Team: Dr. Ludwig Möller, Friederike Siebert, Oliver Friedrich, 

The Donut Dilemma


Seminar at the University of Kassel for students of the Faculty of Social Work. Clarification of the professional role of a social worker. During the winter semester 2018/19 in the lecture hall of the Kunsthochschule. One of the few large rooms with freedom of movement in the university. Biography work and self-awareness in space and nature with creative media.

Facilitator: Dr. Ludwig Möller

Education for the Future – Drama and Kavala, Greece


Workshops for parents and teachers in Northern Macedonia. Trends and developments in the professional world of the future. The education system in Greece is still very rigid and conservative. What kind of education do our children need to be well prepared for the future? The workshops explored this question.

Direction: Dr. Ludwig Möller, Fotini Dimiou (GR)

Idea Mining


Seminar University and University of the Arts Kassel.
Processes of idea generation, selection, improvement and implementation. Students from different departments practise creativity, teamwork, the ability to deal with conflict and find solutions when implementing their ideas.

Direction: Dr Ludwig Möller, Friderike Siebert

ABC Leather Workshop


Online workshop during the pandemic. Sarvenaz Dezvareh from Paris shows students from various faculties at the University and Art. The workshop is an upcycling workshop in which leather from the stocks of the newly established Moving School Fashion Atelier is sent in small packages to students.
An upcycling workshop in which leather from the stocks of the newly established Moving School Fashion Atelier was sent to the students in small packages.

Direction: Sarvenaz Dezvareh (F)

Certificate School Counselling – Königsmünster Meschede Abby


First school counselling training at a German university.

For five years, Dr Ludwig Möller conducted a certificate course for student teachers in counselling children and young people. Two semesters of theory and self-awareness, one semester of practice in a Kassel school. The clients were the Protestant and Catholic Institutes of Theology at the University of Kassel.
A weekend excursion and intensive course was part of the programme in each semester. In 2012, a visit to the Königsmünster Abbey in Meschede.
Facilitator: Dr. Ludwig Möller

Certificate School Counselling – Kolpinghaus Duderstadt


As part of the three-semester certificate in school pastoral care at the University of Kassel, a weekend took place at the holiday paradise Pferdehof near Duderstadt. Exercises in leading conversations with children and young people.

Direction: Dr Ludwig Möller

Moving School – documenta (13) – Cultural City Project


During the last week of documenta (13), a workshop week took place at the Giesshaus of the University of Kassel. Students and non-students from various countries took part. Students and non-students from different countries were able to become creative in workshops around art and movement. It was the founding week of Moving School, which was  developed 2011 in a changemaker camp in University of Kassel.

Team: Dr. Ludwig Möller in cooperation with Knowmads Amsterdam

Youth Spirit Artworks – Berkeley Ca.


Collaboration with Youth Spirit Artworks in Berkeley USA. This NGO has an art studio and was founded by theologian and artist Sally Hindman for homeless youth in the Bay Area. The studio provides art and creative opportunities. An artist in residence is available to the youth, as well as a social worker. The programme is participatory. The goal is to introduce the youth to education and housing.

YOUTH Coach Certificate – YMCA University


YouthCoach was a cooperation with the YMCA University of Applied Science in Kassel. For one year, social work students met in pairs once a week with primary school students from the Valentin-Traudt-Schule for leisure activities. The year ended with a summer Camp at Lake Edersee in July 2011.

Team: Dr. Ludwig Möller, Deborah Smith-Wicke and family. 

Workshop DB Psycholog*innen – documenta (13)


Training for psychologists working for the DB Group coaching department. Selected works of art from the d 13 were used as a basis for methods in psychological work.

Facilitator: Dr. Ludwig Möller, 

Oxford Brookes University – Social Sculpture Research Unit


Presentation of Moving School in the Master’s programme of the Social Sculpture Research Unit led by Prof. Shelley Sacks, a student of Joseph Beuys.

Moving Art Micro Factory – Cultural City Project documenta fifteen

A part of Moving Art in Königsgalerie Kassel during documenta fifteen was a Micro Factory in one of the empty shops. Multiplot Company from Bad Emstal installed a textile printer. We wanted to show an alternative to the fashion industry as one of the biggest pollutor of the environment. Our interns form our fashion atelier printed their design and sowed dresses and accessoires. In the process we were contacted by artists from documenta fifteen and the city who used our micro factory printing their art on textile. For Arya Atti who’s painting were attacked and destroyed shortly before documenta it was a way to heal the cuts digitally and sell for the first time her artworks on textile.

Team: Multiplot, 


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Ideas for the World of Tommorrow – University of Kassel


documenta fifteen curators asked the University of Kassel to show a compilation of 100 ideas coming out of university. As collaborators of the entrepreneurship institute we contributed our project Social Catwalk – Fashion for Integration to the e100 ideas. They were presented in an exhibition during documenta fifteen in the shopping center Königsgalerie Kassel.

Moving Art ist ein Projekt in Kooperation mit der Universität Kassel während der documenta fifteen. Studierende verschiedener Fachbereiche haben ein Programm in leerstehenden Läden in der Innenstadt von Kassel geplant.
In der Königsgalerie am Friedrichsplatz präsentiert MOVING ART in einem ehemaligen Cafe Workshops, Performances, Vorträge, Diskussionen und Raum zum Entspannen. In einem leeren Laden im Basement finden wöchentlich wechselnde Ausstellungen statt. Im Obergeschoss wird eine Druckwerkstatt für Kunsteditionen aufgebaut.

Das Postinstitutional Cafe ist eine Zusammenarbeit mit La Innovation Kitchen Spain. Hier werden Erfahrungen, Ideen und Module für eine Bildung der Zukunft gesammelt.


Social Catwalk – Fashion for Integration

Nominierung Deutscher Integrationspreis 2019
Sonderpreis Vielfaltverstärker Kassel 2019

“Social Catwalk – Fashion for Integration” bringt Menschen rund um Up Cycling zusammen. Migrant*innen, Geflüchtete, Menschen ohne Arbeit und Studierende arbeiten zusammen, um neue Kleidung aus gebrauchter Kleidung herzustellen. Designer CHANG13° bringt die bunt gemischte Gruppe zu den Nähmaschinen. Sarvenaz Dezvareh, Designern in Paris kümmert sich um Accessoires. Andere machen Musik, drehen Filme oder Animationsfilme für die Präsentation auf dem Laufsteg.

Seit Mai 2021 arbeiten wir im eigenen Atelier in der Helmholtz str. 9 (Hinterhof)

KOOPERATION: Forschungs- und Lehrzentrum für unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln der Universität Kassel

CitiWiki – Dialog und Demokratie lernen

Wie können Kinder und Jugendliche Demokratie lernen in einer digitalen Welt. Jede*r digitale Bürger*in ist heute ein*e Weltbürger*in.  Um eine kulturelle Zugehörigkeit in einer demokratischen digitalen Welt aufzubauen, müssen wir
die Pädagogik verbessern, den Dialog wiederherstellen
und Menschen befähigen, dass sie online und  offline kommunizieren können. Wir müssen Kinder und Jugendliche  in einen Dialog bringen, damit sie kommunikationsfähige Weltbürger*innen werden können. Es geht dabei um die Entwicklung von Fähigkeiten, die weit über kognitives Wissen hinausgehen.

Das Projekt CitiWiki bietet diese Möglichkeiten, indem Kinder und Jugendliche im Internet ihre eigene Stadt vorstellen. Texte, Bilder, Videos werden von Ihnen selbst erstellt and ihren Themen orientiert. Internationale Projekte bringen sie in Austausch. Relevante Themen wie Bildung, Kinderrechte, Schutz vor Gewalt und Missbrauch etc. erreichen hier direkt ihre Zielgruppe.

KOOPERATION: Stadt Kassel und Partnerstädte.

Podcast Moving Stories

Seit 2020 gibt es unseren Podcast Moving Stories. Wir stellen Menschen, ihre Lebensgeschichte und Arbeit vor. Sie können als Vorbilder und zur Identifikation dienen.
Während der Berlin Design Week 2021 haben wir Moving Stories täglich als Late Night Studio live aus Kassel gesendet.


Der AMUZA Bag wurde im Jahr 2014 von Moving School und  Studierenden der Kunsthochschule Kassel und der Universität Kassel im Rahmen eines Seminars als “Starthilfe” für geflüchtete Kinder entwickelt. Die Studierenden haben den Verein AMUZA e.V. gegründet, um für diese Integrationsarbeit Spenden sammeln zu können.

An Aktionstagen des AMUZA e.V. gestalten Kinder spielerisch individuell ihren eigenen AMUZA Bag. Er lässt sich durch seine breiten Schultergurte bequem auf dem Rücken tragen. Die Länge der Gurte kann durch das Zusammenknoten der Bänder, je nach Körpergröße, angepasst werden. Durch das Ösensystem wird der AMUZA Bag zudem schnell zur Tragetasche. Die Taschen werden in einer integrativen Werkstatt unserer Region aus Reststoffen produziert. Durch den Verkauf der AMUZA Bags im Handel soll sich der AMUZA e.v. finanziell möglichst selbst tragen können. Er ist unser Zeichen für Solidarität & Toleranz.

Abgeschlossene Projekte:

Der Kulturkiosk zur documenta 14

Pertiptero war 2017 ein Erfolgsprojekt, das vom Forschungs- und Lehrzentrum für unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln der Universität Kassel in Kooperation mit Moving School und mehr als 40 Studierenden ins Leben gerufen wurde.

In Anlehnung an die traditionellen griechischen Kioske und im Zeichen des documenta-Mottos „Von Athen lernen“ wurde ein Ort auf dem Campus der Universität geschaffen, der zugleich “Kiosk” für Produkte und Werke von jungen Künstler*innen aus Kassel und Athen, sozialer Treffpunkt und Ort für interkulturelle Verständigung war. Das Unterhaltungsangebot beinhaltete viele Workshops, Konzerte und weitere Auftritte.
Nach der Dokumente wurde der Kiosk von einer Arbeitsgruppe des Asta bis 2021 weitergeführt.

TEDxKassel 2020/ 2021
Bring Tales to Life
Thema: Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship

Die erste und zweite Auflage der TEDxKassel Konferenz unter dem Motto “Bring Tales to Life” wird von Moving School gemeinsam mit dem Forschungs- und Lehrzentrum für unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln der Universität Kassel und BanSenSuk e.V. begleitet. Studierende haben die Konferenzen organisiert und sich inzwischen zur Fortführung in einem Verein zusammengeschlossen.