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Dr. Dipl. Ludwig Möller, MSc.

Ludwig Möller is director of Moving School. He teaches consulting, coaching, supervision and integrative therapy at universities in Kassel and Berlin. Since 2014 he has been teaching innovation and creativity learning at the Research and Teaching Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking and Action at the University of Kassel. Lectures and seminars in Great Britain, Ireland, Iran, South Korea, USA and other countries. He is a member of the Association of University Teachers for the Promotion of Consulting/Counseling in Research and Teaching (VHBC e.v.).

Born in Marburg, he now lives in Kassel.

“Moving School brings people from different cultures and fields of knowledge together, who use their abilities and their commitment for others. Only with each other and for each other we can manage to keep our world worth living for all!”

Friederike Siebert MA


Art and culture mediator. At dOCUMENTA (13), she implemented the children’s and youth programme and developed and accompanied events with charisma at the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn. Her repertoire includes project work and concepts in various fields as well as coaching and workshops. She has been part of Moving School for more than four years and conducts seminars as a lecturer at the Research and Teaching Centre for Entrepreneurial Thinking and Action at the University of Kassel.

Friederike lives and works in Cologne and London.

Soumaya Zraidi

International Master of Global Political Economy, University of Kassel, B.Sc. Human Resources Development minor Communication and Media. Human Resources Specialist, Consultant Member Center for Family Studies and Research on Values and Law in Morocco to United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

Born in Casablanca, Morocco, she now lives in Kassel.

“Moving School is the experience of lifelong learning. Here knowledge and wisdom are combined to personal maturity. Moving School promotes change as a virtue that is needed worldwide and in personal life to survive in the world.” “My Inspiration: Surround yourself only with people who can take you further!” – Oprah Winfrey

Bao Baoying Bilgeri

Studied Graphic Design at the University of Fine Arts (CAFA) Beijing, China. 2004 – 2010 Animated Film Studies at Kassel Art Academy. 2011 master student with Prof. Thomas-Meier Hermann. 2012 foundation of an animated film studio with the producer Lukas Thiele.
Director, animator and games animator in Berlin. Since 2018 academic assistant for animation at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf.

Born in China, she now lives in Berlin.


Chang Zum Chung is Fashion and Costume Designer, Art Director Fashion Shows, LGBT / Diversity and Communication, Artist, Art-Performer, Voguing-Dancer, Actor

Born in Euisung-Gun South Korea he now lives in Cologne.

“Moving School is everywhere, above everything and for everyone to learn more about us. As the body moves, the neutrons infinitely stylize the synapses in your brain.”


“My Revolution is my Evolution. Dreams are the parents of thoughts.”

Nada Zraidi

MA in Visual Anthropology, Media and Documentary Practices, University of Münster

She is a passionate and creative documentary producer and director. She played a hand in productions in documentaries as well as being artistic director in some TV shows in the Middle East. She did an internship as the visual communication designer for Kisakes Film Festival in Turkey. Her last Project was Mdaifin’IN which is a documentary show from a socio-anthropological view to tell the stories of women labor in the Moroccan rural areas. Mdaif’IN, had grown to be more than a documentary and had gained a national and international support.

MA in Visueller Anthropologie, Medien und Dokumentationspraxis, Universität Münster

* Sie ist eine leidenschaftliche und kreative Dokumentarfilmerin und Regisseurin. Sie wirkte an Produktionen in Dokumentarfilmen mit und war künstlerische Leiterin einiger Fernsehsendungen im Nahen Osten. Sie absolvierte ein Praktikum als Visuelle Kommunikationsdesignerin für das Kisakes Film Festival in der Türkei. Ihr letztes Projekt war Mdaifin’IN, eine dokumentarische Show aus sozio-anthropologischer Sicht, die die Geschichte der Arbeit von Frauen in den ländlichen Gebieten Marokkos erzählt. Mdaif’IN, war zu mehr als einem Dokumentarfilm herangewachsen und hatte eine nationale und internationale Unterstützung erhalten.*

Shadi Hrparsa

M.A. Strategic Design, Polytechnico di Milano, Milan, Italy M.A. Mechanical Engineering, Ozyegin University, Istanbul, Turkey B.A. Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.”

Works at Z-punkt: Corporate Foresight for Strategy and Innovation. Born in Tehran, she now lives in Cologne.

“What I love about Moving School is that movement and kinetics create great opportunities for innovation. I love movement!”

“Design and inclusion inspire me. I love to combine engineering, design and philosophy to create something new. Culture and music also inspire me. I have lived in more than five countries and I think the differences are very beautiful and invigorating.”


Ambassador Moving School – World Tour

Natalia del Rio

Natalia del Rio is a Mexican-American photographer. Natalia del Rio’s photographic practice involves traveling the world exclusively by bicycle and photographing strangers in their most intimate spaces, breaking down the boundaries which attempt to separate us into different entities-blockades as rigid as national borders and as fluid as cultural taboos. She will give workshops in the villages and towns she is passing empowering people to face their fears and use their courage. FULL DISCLOTHESURE has been exhibited in Mexico, China, Malaysia and Italy, and San Francisco.

* Natalia del Rio ist eine mexikanisch-amerikanische Fotografin.
Die fotografische Praxis von Natalia del Rio besteht darin, die Welt ausschließlich mit dem Fahrrad zu bereisen.
Fremde in ihren intimsten Räumen zu fotografieren, die Grenzen zu durchbrechen, die versuchen, uns in verschiedene Einheiten zu trennen –
Blockaden, so starr wie nationale Grenzen und so fließend wie kulturelle Tabus. Sie wird Workshops in den Dörfern und Städten geben, an denen sie vorbeikommt, und die Menschen befähigen, sich ihren Ängsten zu stellen und ihren Mut zu nutzen. VOLLE ENTKLEIDUNG wurde in Mexiko, China, Malaysia und Italien sowie in San Francisco ausgestellt. *

Hamid Aaqil Shah

MA Global Political Economy” University of Kassel, MA Social Work Tata Institute Mumbai, India.

Since 15 years practical experience in the work of internally displaced persons, refugee children and young people in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Germany.

“Moving School for me means movement and commitment for a positive development.” “My inspiration: The way out of war and poverty only leads through education!”


Androniki Skoula

2008 MEng in Architecture at the Technical University of Athens (NTUA), 2016 MA University of Derby (Vakalo Art & Design College).  Diploma in French Literature and Laboratory Language from the Université Paris Sorbonne-Paris IV. 2012 Diploma in Classical Singing from the Hellenic Conservatory (Athens). Studied in Berlin with soprano Michaela Laune.  Since 2009 singer of the avant-garde band Chaostar. Art exhibitions and concerts in Athens.
Born in Crete, she currently works in Athens as an architect for ZEB, an energy services company that focuses on sustainable and ecologically innovative practices.

My inspiration: “I try to immortalize the last living fragments of memory”.


Roshanak Moosavi

M.A. Philosophy, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran. B.A. Philosophy, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran. Correspondent for various newspapers and magazines in Isfahan.

Roshanak holds a doctorate in philosophy.
She was born in Isfahan and will soon be doing research in Germany.

“For me, Moving School is not only an innovation platform that teaches and teaches new perspectives, but also like a family in which one finds support and friendship and feels safe.”

“My inspiration: Despite all obstacles, you never have to give up, but find your own way!”

Northern Ireland

Elham Hemmat

Elham is a graphic designer, sculptor and illustrator. She studied Graphic Design (B.A.) and Art Research (M.A.) at the Isfahan University of Art, Iran. Elham’s posters and projects deal with social and cultural topics and have been exhibited in museums in Germany and abroad since 2012. She has been awarded at several festivals. She gives courses in art history, art philosophy and poster design at schools and universities. Now she lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

“I love Moving School because only with two tools of creativity and experience  it tries to make positive changes in personal life, in work and in society!”


Farah Kardani

M.A. in Gender Studies and Feminist Research McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, B.A. in Philosophy University of Isfahan, Iran.

Born in Isfahan, Iran. She lives in Toronto, Canada.

“Everyone carries different stories, talents and thoughts with them. I love Moving School because it gives people the chance to work together by sharing their stories and thoughts to invent new ideas for a better world!”


Mohamed Hassan

Master Innovations Management, University of Poznan, Poland Google Marketing Solutions Specialist, Google Ads & Analytics, Krakow, Poland

Born in Mansoura, Egypt, he lives in Krakow, Poland.
“What I love about Moving School: Great people from different fields and with different perspectives


come together to develop creative ideas with the aim to change the world!

“My inspiration: “Stay hungry, stay foolish” – Steve Jobs. All past experiences, mistakes or successes are the force that brings us forward to become the one we want to be.”

United States of America

Peter Avery

MBA International Management – Thunderbird School of International Management Phoenix Arizona Bachelors of Science – Industrial Engineering University of South Florida Tampa, FloridaSenior Business Account Manager – Apple Board Member: Meals on Wheels of Alameda County.

Born in Lima, Peru, he lives in Oakland, California,

“What I love about Moving School is that the name reflects the constant life experiences that shape our understanding of the world around us and inspire us with creativity to address and solve issues that improve life on this earth.”

“My inspiration: Above all, I am inspired by a blank sheet of paper. “Leave the world a little better than you found it!” – Paul Oyster

United Kingdom

Guanzi Shen

International Education Expert, M.A. Higher Education Research and Development, INCHER Institute University of Kassel, B.Econ. Capital University of Economics and Business, China Inclusive Learning Officer, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales U.K.

Born in Beijing now lives in Cardiff, U.K.
“Moving School shows us that there are no limits to learning!”
“Life does not mean to find yourself, but to invent yourself” – George Bernhard Shaw