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Make a good decision – Nature Quest

Making decisions is everyday life for everyone! How do I make good decisions for important questions? Which project or product do I choose? Do I make myself independent with my studies? Which profession do I choose that also has a future? Questions over questions with which one can lose the overview or see the forest for loud trees no more. Sometimes decisions are obvious, but the confusion has become too great. Too many possibilities and impossibilities.

In this seminar theories and methods of decision making are imparted! An important method is ancient and can be found in the biographies of important politicians, thinkers, business leaders – withdraw and choose a special place for reflection. Therefore the seminar will take place in the nature park Habichtswald at the Dörnberg. Height for the overview and forest, in order to find the own orientation again.

The human being is a “multisensory being” (feeling with all senses). If he lacks the possibilities to do so permanently, his health is even impaired. Here the forest offers potentials and ideal possibilities for calming and stimulating all senses, because people need both stimulation and relaxation – especially when it comes to making decisions. The forest provides both in an optimal way.


Dr. Dipl. Ludwig Möller MSc. is director of Moving School. He teaches counselling, coaching, supervision and integrative therapy at universities in Kassel and Berlin. Nature Therapy, Forest Bathing and Nature Quests are among the focal points of his work. Since 2014 he has been teaching innovation and creativity learning at the Research and Teaching Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking and Action at the University of Kassel. Lectures and seminars in Great Britain, Ireland, Iran, South Korea, USA and other countries. He is a member of the Association of University Teachers for the Promotion of Consulting/Counseling in Research and Teaching (VHBC e.v.).

Dr. Anna Maria Beck, Göttingen, coaching for studies and profession. Start Up Coach in the Start Room Göttingen.

Limited participation.


10.5. 4 pm – 9 pm 11.5. 10 am – 7 pm 14.6. 4 pm – 9 pm 15.6. 10 am – 7 am


Habichtswald Nature Park Centre
Meeting point: On the first day we meet in the H1 of the Kunsthochschule