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Moving School e.V. is an experimental educational program and artistic research that is the foundation for lifelong learning and creative processes. It is a complement to traditional academic education. Traditional education has a linear design: participating, learning, studying, checking knowledge, going to the next level. Moving School is more like a learning algorithm and artistic research. Experience, intuition, critical thinking and design logic shape the skills that are necessary to navigate through the challenges and uncertainties of the future. This is rarely found in traditional learning. Moving School unfolds potentials for positive changes in personal life, in work and in society. Moving School is a worldwide network of students, trainers, professionals, entrepreneurs and artists from different fields and educational centres. It is led by an international board of directors.

We are currently revising our website. More information coming soon!

The idea for Moving School was born in 2011 in a ChangemakerCamp at the University of Kassel. Dr. Ludwig Möller had invited students from Europe, Africa and Asia. They worked in different teams on future topics. One team presented the idea of a travelling university. Without a fixed location, students and lecturers would be on an educational journey around the world. Learning on the road in different cultures and life situations in the best and most creative ways. Always in exchange with the people on the road.

In 2012 at documenta 13 should be the starting point for the realisation of this vision. A team of students and teachers from various disciplines started with a workshop week of Moving School. Since then, many people have been able to gain new learning experiences in and outside Kassel. Moving School style learning has taken place in Ireland, Iran, South Korea and the USA so far. This autumn a team will start in


Greece. In Kassel, the research and teaching centre for entrepreneurial thinking and acting has been our partner since 2014. There we offer seminars for students of all faculties for the joint development of projects. In 2018, the institute ranked first in Germany.

Our goal in Moving School is to help people create positive changes in their personal and professional lives and in their society.
Personality develops when someone finds his or her talents and interests and courageously unfolds his or her potential. This helps to live meaningfully. It is important for us to prepare for the major changes that will radically transform the world of work in the near future. The digital revolution will present us with unprecedented challenges. Our concern is to be able to react creatively to them. As human beings, we live in close contact with all the people on earth in a sensitive environment. We want to strengthen the responsibility for our common planet.

The future is unpredictable but not unimaginable! In other words, we know little for sure, but many things can be foreseen. How and what we learn through Moving School should help to be personally and professionally prepared for this future.