Dr. Dipl. Ludwig Möller, MSc.  (Kassel, Germany)

 Director of Moving School and curiously doing other things, too.

Ludwig is the director of Moving School, a platform for new education. It aims to empower people so that they can embrace innovation and change in their personal and public lives. Ludwig is a photographer, painter and social sculptor as Josef Beuys has coined it. He holds a doctorate degree in philosophy from University of Kassel. He earned his diploma from Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln, studied theology in Germany, London and Berkeley Ca.. In addition he is an ordained pastor of the Protestant Church. Furthermore he is a trained psychotherapist and lectures on Integrative Therapy. He is currently lecturing in the Social Science Department and in the Research and Teaching Center of Entrepreneurship Education personal development, counseling, innovation and creativity. He is partner in the international coaching company AMPFLY based in Paris ( Evangelischer Theologe, Dipl. Sportlehrer, MSc. Integrative Therapie, Lehrtherapeut, Dozent Europäische Akademie für psychosoziale Gesundheit und Kreativitätsförderung, Supervisor, Führungskräftecoach. „Wer die Hoffnung hat, dass Unterdrücker sich verdrücken, dass Flüchtlinge sicher wohnen können und Kinder durch Bildung aus der Armut  kommen, der muss spinnen! Der muss Fäden spinnen zwischen Menschen, die Zeit, Geld, Grips zusammenwerfen, um Not und Gewalt die Stirn zu bieten.“

Friederike Siebert (Bonn, Germany)

Art educator

Friederike works on different projects concerning art mediation. Among other projects she developed educational concepts for different exhibitions and institutions. From 2008 to 2010 she was head of the “audiovisual performance” section of the Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival. In 2011 she managed the press and public relations department at Kunsthalle Fridericianum and in 2012 she became project manager of the educational department for children at dOCUMENTA (13), Kassel. In spring 2013 she was tutor at Aalto University in Helsinki and worked together with students on different topics during the seminar Contemporary Art and Art Exhibition as learning environment.

From May 2013 on she coordinates the public program of the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn.

He is a model, actor and Voguing-dancer. Chang finished as Dipl. Designer in Fashion in Trier, worked in London, Paris and Cologne. He teaches students the think process and technic of children to built a easy bridge to access teaching them . He works and lives in Cologne and calls himself as KOELREANER . Meanwhile he teaches edu-fashions and motivation workshops, creates as designer for red carpets, bridals, dancers and art director for a limited fashioner edition, working with different artists and a new creative art concept agency.  He also worked with Bundekunsthalle, 4711, MercedesBenz as Art-director and for a special Collections. He is involved for 2017 and 2018 into a play // performance and in different releases of music in collaboration. He is involved in many project based on Diversity and Gender.
„ I always let shine the others with lights first, cause more you let them shining like brightly lights, more you get bundle of lights on me caused by the reflexions of all „


Val Beau (London, England)

       Interior architecture and industrial designer

Val owns her degrees from Vakalo College of Art and Design Athens and Universität der Künste Berlin. After many years working for high end architectural and design practices in Berlin she created her own design studio and production company leading projects for major international brands like Coca Cola and duty free shops in various airports. Since 2015 she is living and working in London.  


Samuel Treindl, (Münster, Germany)

   Product designer
In the past years Samuel did research in regaining resources and self responsible production e.g. „postindustrial production“, „parasite production“ or „production and anarchy“. In 2015 he founded the Research Institute for Anarchic Production together with designers, artists and craftsmen. The institute fights for  equality within all design and production systems. 2010 he was awarded with a grant by design lab Bremerhaven for city development. His works won awards of the Interieur Innovation Award 2012 and Focus Silber 2011. In 2014 he was nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany and 2016 for the German Design Award. His works were present in many exhibition and design fares.

In den letzten Jahren erforschte Samuel Strategien zum Thema Ressourcenaneignung und selbstbestimmte Produktion wie z.B. „postindustrielle Produktion“, „parasitäre Produktion“ oder „Produktion und Anarchie“. 2015 gründete er zusammen mit Designern, Künstlern und Handwerkern die FFAP (Forschungsstelle für anarchistische Produktion). Die Forschungsstelle kämpft für die Gleichberechtigung innerhalb aller Gestaltungs- und Fertigungssysteme. 2010 erhielt er ein Stipendium am Designlabor Bremerhaven im Bereich Stadtentwicklung.Seine Arbeiten wurden unter anderem durch den Interieur Innovation Award 2012 und Focus Silber 2011 ausgezeichnet. 2014 war er nominiert für den Designpreis der Bundesrepublik wie auch 2016 für den German Design Award. Seine Arbeiten wurden auf zahlreichen Ausstellungen und Messen präsentiert.

„Da ich sich ständig alles ändert und unsere Welt sich oft sehr gegensätzlich verhält, muss ständig alles neu gedacht werden.“  

Peter Shub (Hannover, Germany)
Comedian, Clown , Coach 
Peter is a workshop leader for 25 years for artists, companies and students of comedy. He worked in Cirque de Soleil and with Loriot. He is performing internationally in shows and on TV. In Germany people know him from Circus Roncalli and Flic Flac. Peter started his education with a B.A. in social work in Temple University, Philadelphia. Starting as a street artist the Ecole Etienne Decroux Corporeal Mime and  the Jacque Lecoq Drama school in Paris as well as the Phillipe Gaulier School of Drama and Comedy in London formed him as a mime. His art is highly decorated through the Silver medal, Cirque du Demain, Paris, France Silver Clown Award, Monte Carlo and the Swiss Press Award.

” It’s lovely to work with young people, people who have a dream, people who are enthusiastic. I love enthusiasm. I’m sometimes just amazed by the talent of some of these kids at 19, 20, 21 years old. It’s sometimes quite phenomenal. As actor and human beings we are always trying to be good. Trying to do and get things right. And when we feel bad for either being bad or doing bad, we want to escape that bad feeling. The clown is different from most of us, in that he/she is happy to be bad and not get things right. My aim is to help students develop a deeper connection to their own creativity and expansion of their own artistic appreciation, interests and pursuits.”

 Dr. Christian Grünewald (Cologne, Germany)

   Foresight Manager

Christian studied political science, history and religious science at LMU Munich and sciences politique at Aix-en-Provence He holds a Dr. phil in political science form University of Vienna. At present works as a Foresight Manager in the agency  Z_punkt in Cologne. He is responsible for Consumer Foresight and is doing research about change of target groups and markets, changing consumer needs and new consumer an business ethics. He has many years of experience in strategic and communication projects e.g. for customers in finance, trading and public service. His work focuses on changes in politics and society, digital transformation and strategic development in finances, trading and consumer goods and health and nutrition.

 Studium der Politikwissenschaften, Neuzeitlichen Geschichte und Religionswissenschaften an der LMU München und Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence, politikwissenschaftliche Promotion zum Dr. phil. an der Universität Wien. Aktuell tätig als Foresight Manager bei der Z_punkt in Köln.

„Warum Querdenken ein „Gefällt mir“ bekommt: Querdenken ist kein Selbstzweck – aber unabdingbar für kreatives Arbeiten. Denn Kreativität entsteht in den Grenzen, und nur dort. Querdenken heißt für mich, die von Lebenspauschaltouristen geistig ausgetrampelten Pfade zu verlassen und auf Entdeckungsreise zu gehen. Und Umwege erhöhen schließlich die Ortskenntnis. Querdenken trägt also nicht nur zum Heben neuer Potentiale bei, sondern auch zu einem besseren Verständnis der Gesamtsysteme.“

Laura Fernandez Garcia (Malaga, Spain)

 Psychologist and coach
Laura is a humanist and a strong believer in the power of the positive thoughts and emotions to improve our life and enriching our make decision process. She is based in Málaga, one of the sunniest cities in Spain. She studied Psychology at the University of Granada. During her years as a university student, she took several roles such as vice president student council in her first year of studies, national secretary to represent Psychology students in her second year and she organized and participated in the creation of national congress and events located in Granada related to empowering social communities. She got involved in international experiences and NGOs to help to develop young leadership, leading teams and social projects. Laura participates in international programs in order to improve her multicultural understanding to achieve world peace.

Therefore, is a personal and executive coach certified and has been coaching unemployed young people and also under impoverished individuals in Málaga. She is interested in non-formal education, gamification in organizations and empowering people at work and personal life.

Oliver Friedrich (Roermond, Netherlands)
   Entrepreneurial Manager

Oliver is a hands-on type of character and a people’s person. He has launched start-up’s in the national/international work environment for more than a decade already. Therefore he brings with him more than 20 years of operational experience in the field of entrepreneurial studies being quiet a resource in terms of all practical management requirements running companies on SME (Small & Medium Sized Enterprise) level from scratch as well as on a day to day basis after off and running. Working for Cisco in the field of presales analytics, strategic business intelligence services & account based marketing  for integrated manufacturing & industrial processing in his last job, being in charge for industrial collaboration acquisitions, he is fully up-to-date with  the newest technical developments and deployments in the field of IoT (Internet of Things), SMARTfactoring, SMARTproducts and SMARTEnergygrids. He holds a Bachelor in Energy Management, topped-up with a Master in Professional Business Administration by the IHK (Chamber of Commerce & Industry). Additionally, he is a qualified energy-efficiency auditor (TÜV) for Energy Management Systems as well as a certified photovoltaic installer having served clients in more than 21 countries in the past. He presently works as a contracted project-manager for a multinational company being responsible for the nation wide roll-out of a domestic dual fuel (gas & electricity) supplier in the UK. 15 Jahre Erfahrung als Geschäftsführer verschiedener Unternehmen in den Niederlanden, USA und Deutschland; Mitglied der Unternehmensberatung Acritudo Consultants Düsseldorf, arbeitet bei CISCO in Belfast  



Fotini Dimiou (Drama, Greece) Director Moving School Greece, Life and Business Coach

Fotini Dimiou is Life, Business and Executive Coach. She has studied Business Administration at the University of Passau, majoring in Strategy & Human Resources Management, as well as in Marketing & Communication. She holds also a Master Degree (MBA) from the Athens University of Economics and Business. She is an experienced professional with almost 20 years in consulting the management board of multinational companies, like Deutsche Telekom, Nestle, Pepsico, Samsung, LG, Intel, etc. Furthermore, she was also involved in the establishment of two start ups, a B2B internet start up, established in 1999, in Frankfurt and a start up in the maritime sector, established in 2011, in Athens. Her great passion is also Psychology and personal evolution through self awareness and training. Thus, the last 10 years, she is personally involved and trained in Systemic Psychotherapy and Lacanian Psychoanalysis. Her vision is to positively affect, encourage and empower as many people, teams and organizations, as possible and watch them flourish and succeed both personally and professionally. She lived for 14 years in Germany and then for 13 years in Athens. End of 2016, she decided to move, with her 10 year old son, in the northeastern part of Greece, to her beautiful hometown, Drama. Her decision was based upon two facts: She sought after a more qualitative life for her and her son in a more quite and beautiful environment and furthermore she desired to support Drama and its young people to see the big picture and create new ideas of developing. Due to the mobility offered nowadays by technology, besides Drama, she works with people, teams and organizations, all over Greece and abroad too.  

Antonis Pasvantis (Kavala, Greece)





I am a freelance photographer, based in Kavala North Greece. In the past I worked as a staff photographer in Greek photo news agencies . As a freelancer my work has been published in Greek magazines and abroad as well. During my studies in Leica Academy Athens and then I was working in migration issue following the commercial life of West Africans before and after the 2004 Olympic games. Part of this work exhibited in Athens Photo Festival ‘’Young Greek Photographers 2006’’ and in Photographic Festival of Kythera the same year. The last two years I focused in refugee crisis and their first big step of an insecure journey that hit the greek islands and tested the profile of Europe. Recently I participated in a group exhibition called ‘’Another life: Human flows/ Unknown Odysseys ‘’of the Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki about refugee crisis with pictures from my project ‘’The Clamour of Idomeni’’. Part of this project travelled and exhibited in Odessa// Batumi Photo days 2016 main programme. Other issues that I am focusing is the greek areas close to the borders and whats the impact of boundaries in everyday life of the locals, ecology, culture and religious issues  



Shadi Habibi Parsa (Istanbul, Turkey)  




Mechanical engineer and game designer

Shadi is a mechanical engineer who is interested in design and design thinking. She had been involved in the field of board game design as designer and modifier. The optimized design is what she is passionate about, the optimization process is of mega disciplinary nature and that is a great medium for the arts and science to say hi and try to be friends! Shadi was raised in Tehran, Iran and lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

Jeremy Jay (Jakarta, Indonesia)

   Dancer, choreographer

Leader of Dance4soul Community & Dance Factory and a student of professional contemporary dance school Sozo Vision in Motion in Kassel, Germany. He achieved his bachelor of communication in Indonesia.  

Clarah Manuwah (Abidjan, Zimbabwe)

   Bio-chemical engineer Clara is working for the choco company Barry Callebaud in Abidjan. As a founder of the youth network IZWI she wants to bring Moving School to Africa.


Farah Kardan (Hamilton, Canada)

   Bachelor in philosophy from Isfahan University Farah’s recent activities and concerns at Moving School in addition to her personal experience as a woman in Iran is the feminist perspective. She owns a BA in Literatur from Isfahan University and is now in a MA program  in Feminist Studies in McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. She is currently planning to open up a Moving School branch in Canada working with refugees.  

Mohammad Farrokhnezhad (Isfahan, Iran)

   Artist and lecturer in Isfahan Art School  

Roshanak Mousavi (Isfahan, Iran)

   Journalist Roshanak currently studies a master’s degree in [Western] philosophy. Her fields of interest are gender theory, feminist philosophy, psychoanalysis, and continental philosophy.  She has been journalist for 3 years. Now she works in the social service of “Baray-e Farda”, an Isfahanian monthly magazine.


Guanzi Shen (San Francisco, USA and China)

    International student advisor Guano owns a  Master from the International Centre for Higher Education Research in Kassel, Germany. She is now Director of International Student Advising Support at the University of San Francisco and our ambassador to the US and China.