Learning Paths

Learning Paths
Welcome Pathfinder on a learning journey. As you move through the different workshops you can follow you will create a trail, that is about where your curiosity, purpose for learning and future ambitions lie.
Based upon your personal questions and needs, there are a 5 paths you can follow. Personal Development, Change Making, Wisdom, New Learning and for people who don’t know or just join for pleasure or a short time there’s the route of the Free Traveller.

In the program each path offers different possibilities every day. Path may overlap, so journeyers of different routes can share and meet different perspectives. You are free to deviate whenever you want. Sometime we porpose a workshop for your path because of the teacher, the content and or the method used itself.

We feel the new school should have paths that would speak to all educations and educators.
A path for personal learning and development thus for all students in every education.
A path for change making, thus becoming a professional and have a meaningful impact on the world, whether as activist, entrepreneur or professional in a job.
A path for us to learn, discuss, play with and grow the new education and make it visible.
A path that explores the deepness all other educations hardly touch, but is very much part of the human experience.

In this set up, art is a means, since not everyone wants to be an artist, but everyone can learn through art, play and (guided) action in the real world.

Free travellers
You either join the school for a day or two, you don’t want to commit to a path and feel more like a free bee, obtaining honey everywhere. Since not all who wander are lost, we hope you will share your discoveries, connect and build bridges between other paths that they don’t see yet. And that you enjoy the walk.

Daily Programming
Also these path lead to the following proposal for the day programming.
Every day there are:
•    Fixed workshops with a nice variety in content and method. All paths must be spoken to at least once every day.
•    New Learning path, that redesigns itself every day in a group hosted by pathfinders in New learning or Wisdom.
•    Daily Open socratic conversation styled after Greek philosophers in a place that resembles a Greek Forum.
•    Every evening there is a, are some (not too long) Inspirational talks and presentations (important: attractive energy is at that time more important than status or content)

Proposal for the build up of one day:

1.    Hospitality Desk: (new) people are welcomed and registered. (Open every day, during day time)
2.    Shared Breakfast for Pathfinders
3.    Host of the day talk (at breakfast location): introduces workshops, messages, volunteers for logistics support, map of locations. The host will stay tuned all day to the happenings, collective energy and certain individual needs
4.    (Half hour) travelling time to locations
5.    Choice of preprogrammed workshops and some improvised sessions. In the morning there is always a public dance class or other physical method, focused on rhythm and attention waking up to body awareness. There is also a huge wall drawing to gather shared learning, and energy for those that want to contribute to this collective work. This is not obliged, you can already visit a full day workshop or alternative program. This dance is short and at the same location some workshops start after it.
6.    Do it yourself lunch at central (picknick) area.
7.    Afternoon workshops
8.    End of the day drinks in informal setting, with possibly some sharing of outcomes of workshops, perhaps even mini exhbition of performance. (not obligated, but important there is some to build bridges and create coherence between everything)
9.    Dinner (I would say mostly only for pathfinders, workshop givers and some special guests, not open to all public)
10.    Inspirational Event of 1 (to 1,5) hour with guest presentations, like those of Dokumenta Artists and or possible other workshop outcomes. At the end of this program the host of the day reflects shortly on the most moving stories of the day and announces the host of the next day.
11.    Music and dancing??

•    One of the morning programs after the dance is the “Move That School” program for the New learning path, where all those on this path meet and are hosted by some of them to experience a whole new school and or build forward on successes of previous days.

•    Every afternoon there is the “Wisdom Walk” for the wisdom path, where the facilitators will take a walk with pathfinders and have Socratic conversations in cafe or park (according to the weather). Imagine it old Greek style learning, through dialogue and deep questioning, much beyond opiniated babbling.

NB: Everywhere you read workshop, could also say: Business or community assignment. (client based programs / researches. We think it needs a wording more catchy than client based and more understandable and to the point of the Moving school than research)

Media. In the evening place as in the breakfast hall there is both a twitter fountain for anonymous feedback from the participants and a slideshow showing pics of the day to share whats happening in different.
There is also a shared learning Results on website – and a small team working on this, provided the school is big enough to have such a group.

Instructing the workshop givers
We do need to instruct all workshop givers too, perhaps with a one page sheet. Being a great artist doesn’t make necessarily a great workshop giver. They may need help and or our students some help, helping or accepting different educational approaches. The dances in the morning should help to become open and or tie in to some outlandish methods that might be on, during the day.

A standard mail or sheet to orientate the lecturers about the following:
⁃    the values and the vision of the moving school
⁃    an open attitude to learn from the students – ex: phrasing at the end of the workshop what the lecturers have learnt from the students, as much as the other way around.
⁃    flexibility to hold workshops outside the locations moving school can offer – in the park, in the city, in a cafe etc.

What the program book might look like:
Aspects of what we need to create a program
We need symbols, colour for each path so in overview people can easily pick out their journey.
Indeed often workshops might speak to several paths. A crazy artist with a activist view might be fun for Change makers, New learners to see how he effects people and for Wisdom seekers to get confronted with upside down thinking. At that is okay. Strict borders is old school. Symbols can help see where else you might find steps on your personal path.
We need an overview of each day and an overview of the week. There might also be codes for locations.

And a different set up, with a bigger emphasis on each path separately. Codes about what might be interesting for other paths have not been included. While it’s all examples, you might find some workshops you’d love to have or make have pathfinders prepare workshops themselves.

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