„Learning from Athens? Change of perspective for the economy and society.“
An international project between Athens and Kassel in the context of Documenta 14.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to create a place that inspires curiosity for new cultural understanding through experimental exchange.

The Greek kiosk “Periptero” is the inspiration for both a multifunctional, open and mobile platform- concept and its flexible, creative dispositive located in Athens and Kassel. It is embedded in the most important exhibition of contemporary art, documenta, which in 2017 aims to rebuild a positive image of Greece as well as support local needs and potential. The two documenta cities Kassel and Athens learn and teach how to deal with crisis through conjoint cultural and social entrepeneurship, implemented by the project “Periptero”.

Project Description

Periptero was created as part of an interdisciplinary seminar-workshop of Moving School of Dr. Ludwig Möller and his team at the University of Kassel. The theme of the seminar, which will be continued in coming semesters, is borrowed from the documenta 14: Learning from Athens? – Change of perspective for the economy and society. To achieve this change of perspective beyond the usual prejudices and stereotypes, the students developed a concept for an art based and social entrepreneurial oriented platform to wake the curiosity on experimental forms of cultural exchange and mediation. The form of implementation is a “learned“ institution of daily life: the Periptero, a Greek Kiosk. For in Greek life a Periptero is not only a stand, it is a social institution, and what’s more, in as much at it regards licensing an instrument of Greek social policy.

Periptero is a multifunctional, open and mobile platform concept inspired by the initial question “Learning from Athens?”, and aims to strengthen in particular the cultural exchange between the two documenta cities Kassel and Athens – and to teach new and more sophisticated narratives beyond clichés generated by mass media in the shadow of crisis. Periptero should be a non-profit meeting, exhibition and information point as well as performance space.
Following the logic of the digital age, it is designed to be an open, modular docking and re-linkable platform that is used in tandem with this logic for cultural mediation. Between external partners the platform is the storytelling medium itself that can tell various PR-relevant “stories”. The final design and implementation of Periptero is already being considered as a project between German and Greek universities, which also offers PR potential through cultural exchange. The PR-potential of Periptero is paradoxically generated by the fact that the kind of stories told here are not normally told in the mass media, but are highly interesting – thus the media could become an instrument of cultural mediation.

Periptero is to shall be realized both in Kassel as well as in Athens. Here, within the context of our storytelling approach, products and objects are offered that tell a story and arouse curiosity – thereby stimulating social and mental change. These could be locally-made products which are provided with a personal message of the producer and could also be sold in the distribution channels of the documenta. Another possibility are gamification elements at the kiosk, performance, dance, music or drawing attention to the vital gaming start-up scene in Athens. Periptero can also be used as a hybrid space, e.g. as a gallery kiosk, where young local artists as well as refugees can present and sell their work and also draw attention to their devastated situation. Our visit to Athens in January demonstrated their existential needs. Due to the nonprofit intention of Periptero, maximal proceeds will go to the artists. Thus Periptero can act as a flexible multiplier of the basic idea of documenta 14.



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