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Storytelling and product information with film

Ideas and products must be conveyed. It is no secret that today an appealing visual language on the Internet is indispensable. The use of film is particularly effective! Complex constructions and processes can be well represented and stories can be told. The film helps companies or organizations that offer services to present the offer in a vivid, charming and humorous way. This also applies to self-employed people and those who want to become self-employed after graduation without having to memorize many words. Today, films can be produced with smartphones at no cost.

In this workshop participants can learn the technology in the topic of the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm. The fairy tales are perfectly suited to transfer the technology later also on own projects. At the same time we work together with the seminar Global Fashion – Fashion and Integration. With the overall project, we are also taking part in the competition of the German Integration Award. The final date is the presentation of the artwork as a multimedia fashion show.

We are looking forward to dedicated students from all faculties, who are also interested in cross over team work with the Global Fashion Workshop!

Nada Zraidi, Casablanca/ Kassel, MA in Visual Anthropology, Media and Documentary Practices, University of Münster, member of the Moving School teaching team


District centre Wesertor Weserstr. 26
34125 Kassel


3/4 May 17/18 May 24/25 May 5/6 July

12 July: Final presentation

Fridays: 3 pm – 8 pm Saturdays: 10 am – 6 pm