Human Centered Design

You have a great idea but other people don’t really understand!? Your organisation or product is innovative but doesn’t reach a lot of people? In this workshop you learn to start your idea from the needs of your future client or consumer. Lgooking for the necessities and desires they have. This is a much more successful way to launch an idea, product or organisation which will be received in a positive way by the people you want to reach. Val Beau is an interior and industrial designer living in Athens and London who has worked for international brands. She will help you to understand how Human Centered Design works for you! 

Workshop Leiterin: Beau val 
Kontakt: Dr. Dipl. Ludwig Möller MSc.
 Mobil: +491732809900

28./29. Oktober Fr. 16.00-20.00, Sa. 10.00-17.00

16./17. DezemberFr. 16.00-20.00, Sa. 10.00-17.00

Workshops findet in der Kunsthochschule Kassel statt:
Menzelstraße 13–1534121 
Kassel / Hörsaal 1

Der Kurs richtet sich an alle Studierenden der Uni Kassel.
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