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MOVING SCHOOL – Learning from the future

Moving School expands the limits of classic academic education. We want to show young people how to find and use their talents and en- gagement for now and the future. Content wise we can react to up-to-date themes faster, more flexible and sensitive.

Being uncomplicated in our organization workshops, seminars and projects can be adjusted to the demands of a fast changing society. Our projects combine different fields of knowledge because we foster interdisciplinary competencies.

Through adjusting our creative methods to young people we stir up their excitement to learn in a life long learning process. We counsel them on starting their professional life and in achie- ving their life goals. Working together as friends is essential to develop trust.

We are following the latest outcomes and developments in science and art. Creating a space for experimentation is a priority for us. rough our projects we generate initiatives, NGO’s and companies.

We are well connected to universities and companies in Kassel and the region. The Teaching and Research Center for Entrepreneurship Education of University of Kassel is an important partner.

Moving School attracts people nation and world wide. Do you want to collaborate with us, participate in a workshop or support us through a donation? We are looking forward to your message!

You are invited to become a part of this world wide community!

Dr. Ludwig Möller
eMail: info@movingschool.eu
eMail (university): Ludwig.Moeller@uni-kassel.de






Our concept is based on the ideas and methods of new learning and creative education.

We named it „Moving School“ and since 2012 it is on its way step by step: It  focuses on a „changeology“  which means to create with a local team workshops that enable people to become creative and innovate in their personal life, job life and community. Moving School is a new concept covering a wide range of subjects in an interdisciplinary approach: We are building the linkage of arts and science, physical and spiritual, nature and nurture, new leaning environment and individual professional choice. The purpose is to create a learning community that will bring changes making the world a better place. We work from the principle of a team setting based on Art Action, Action Learning, and Service Learning!

So far we found the following helpfull for this cause:

Complex learning with head, heart and hand

According to Moshe Feldenkrais:
„I understand learning in that way, that everything you know, has to be known in three, four or five different ways –  at least!“.

Movement and Meditation

Starting a day or a workshop with movement like dance or Kung Fu,
followed by meditation like silence or impulses from religion and philosophy.

Focus on relationships and personal development

Attitudes and personal development are as much important as methods, skills and other content.
The teacher-student relationship is central but who is teacher and student can change.

Creating a appreciative learning environment

Learning with love and laughter, appreciation and attention for the individual, honoring difference in abilities and ways of learning.
Allowance that participants create their own learning environment according to personal needs and content requirements.
No classrooms but functional rooms for different purposes like meetings, exploration, experimentation, moveable furniture.

Welcoming difference

working interdisciplinary, interculturally, with mixed ages.

Embracing mistakes

Mistakes are seen as source of further learning and development.
Freedom to explore. Freedom of fear for learning.

Teamwork, Exchange Learning, Co-Creation

Learning takes place in an anti-hirarcical setting. Helping each other and looking for synergies needs to be fostered.
Learning creativity in small steps as a habbit. Small steps that create a feeling of success and ease are giving motivation for another or even bigger step.

Out-of-School-and-University Learning, Direct Exposure

Using various learning environments depending on goals.
Direct bodily experiences with people and nature. Service Learning.


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    Hi sir, This is Awesome i would like to be your ambassador here in Rwanda(East Africa) you are welcome here in Rwanda a country of thousand hills we like you thanks.

  • YouShin Choi

    Jul 08, 2016


    I am sure that I can do work with you for the people who are suffering in the world.

  • YouShin Choi

    Jul 08, 2016


    I am very happy that I can find the project I can work with.

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